Download this simple effective meditation to embark on a journey and Awaken Your Genius. Your genius is the part of you that has been there since birth, but it may have been hidden by the pressures of everyday life, cultural expectations or even your own self-doubts.

What is genius?

A very smart person” is what immediately comes to mind for most and that matches the first definition in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It is the second definition, however, that I am referring to in the following meditation – “A special and usually inborn ability.” Your genius is what makes you uniquely you and is your ultimate path to joy, health and success!

No matter how much you are struggling or how successful you are, there lurks deep inside, an illusive piece, something more, that you MUST find and embrace to be wholly you. That something more is your genius.

The following meditation will help you awaken your genius. You can use this meditation during waking hours or to drift off to sleep. Listen once or listen over and over to continue to awaken. Take time to journal what you discover, even if it seems insignificant.


As you awaken your genius you may notice:

enhanced dreams

Dreams may become more colorful, more memorable or more real. Journal your dreams and look for themes. What might your dreams be trying to tell you? What do the symbols represent to you?

recurring thoughts

Watch for thoughts, songs, ideas that keep coming to your mind. What are you doing when this happens? What memories, feelings or reactions do these thoughts evoke?

new ways of processing information

Look for insight on new ways to do common things, maybe a new insight into a problem you have previously been unable to solve, possibly see a person or situation in another light.

Truly awakening, embracing and living in your genius leads to greater joy and impact in your life and the lives of others!

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