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As part of my luminary system, I carefully select applicants whose unique needs match my expertise in order to set the stage for faster and deeper development of their genius. To explore how genius coaching works, click “Let’s Talk” and simply fill out the interest form.

I help educators and thought leaders

...who are ready to uplevel their impact, hone their intuitive abilities, and embrace their true genius by following my guidance and putting in the work to make self-discoveries and take inspired action.

clients say

"I was very impressed with the way you conducted all the sessions. You made me feel at ease right from the beginning by communicating mutual expectations. You created a very concise program which was right in content, time and pace. During the sessions I have learned exactly what I needed to learn to do my job better by communicating effectively with people at all levels."

- S. Patel, Banking Operations Manager

“Ivanna took me on a path of self-reflection that highlighted my strengths and led me to a destination in my zone of genius. The positive outlook on life emphasized throughout the course not only gave me strategies to cope with any situation life throws at me, but also helped me to unleash and capitalize on my potential. My own path has been illuminated and I am experiencing the positive benefits on a daily basis.”

- R. Bostwick, Educational Leader

"Just one activity that Ivanna led me through shined the light on something that was right in front of me the whole time. This one thing was the key to everything else I was trying to do. Now I can shine the light into all aspects of my life, whether sadness or joy, putting me on a stronger foundation.”

- M. Mahar, Educational Leader

"Ivanna has an extraordinary gift of intuitive abilities to guide people to their genius talents. She sees their brilliance well before they can. She is so very connected to her own genius that identifying it in others becomes a natural part of her coaching skills.

As her coach and mentor, I am amazed at her desire to excel in all she engages in while keeping her big vision at the forefront. That is a true visionary leader who will make lasting impact on humanity in any capacity she chooses.

I am deeply grateful to have been on this remarkable journey helping identify her genius while building a business structure that allows her to deliver her purpose and be financially, spiritually, emotionally and mentally rewarded. What a blessing!”

- Marla Diann, Marla Diann Mentoring International