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Women Who Shine

I am ONE of 30 inspiring stories of Women Who Shine.

Living through the divorce of my parents, my own divorce, years of fibromyalgia and even a stroke were never as traumatic as being successful. That’s not exactly what you were expecting to read, is it? Most people think of trauma as coming from something awful, a terrible experience, a long term illness or the sudden death of a loved one, but not from long term success.

Join me on my journey of self discovery and learn how we all can shine our brightest!

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Deep down, you KNOW what brings you joy, what makes time stand still, what you LOVE. On the surface though, it may not always be so clear. At least it wasn’t for me, as I share my story, Luminary Insights, in Women Who Shine. Along my journey, I followed these ten steps to shine light on the things I needed to do to become the golden version of myself!

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I’m Ivanna

Ivanna Mann Thrower Anderson (yes, that’s my real name – just ask, I’d love to tell you the story!) is an intuitive guide, coach and mentor. I am known for my uncanny ability to ask a question or make a comment that taps directly into someone’s soul, illuminating their insights into what was there all along.

In addition to my innate abilities, I have studied and worked with psychology, business, government, spirituality, teaching and coaching, from the pre-K classroom to the office of corporate presidents in China, Korea and the US. This eclectic set of skills and experiences led to my signature offering Illuminate Your Genius: Change Yourself, Change the World which guides you step by step through a life changing journey.